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Founded in 2004, Ascend Partners provides lasting support to management teams in their effort to conceive and implement profound strategic and organizational transformations. Our partners, whom are often found on the field, work closely with our clients and intervene both on the projects’ technical aspects and on their human and managerial dynamics.

While we keep a pragmatic mindset and rely as much as possible on internal resources, our broad experience allows us to aim high: our goal in every mission is ultimately that your organization finds itself more confident and autonomous in driving its projects.

We always make sure to stay practical and focused on the reality of your organization so we can make pertinent and realistic suggestions: we don’t want our recommendations to look good on paper, we want them to actually work for you.

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Our experience has taught us that each company has its own issues. This is why we never carry out the same mission twice. However, we usually work along five guiding lines:
•    Strategic vision and step-by-step implementation to articulate ambition and practical execution
•    Organization to support companies in adopting more collaborative and performing but undogmatic ways of functioning
•    Culture and management so that you are always able to walk the talk
•    Governance to ensure cohesion and coherence at the top
•    Leaders to reflect on and prepare to the upcoming managerial, organizational and business evolutions
We have been doing it for 30 years at all levels and across a broad range of sectors, always driven by the pleasure of discovering and undertaking new projects.


Three core beliefs drive our work:
•    People make it happen, not transformation programs. We work in a way that makes people want to participate while feeling they have space to create their own adventure within the project;
•    There is no long-term change without a comprehensive vision that includes economics, organizational and human perspectives. We work closely with the leaders to make sure this vision is clear to all and that it trickles down smoothly across the organization;
•    Change can truly happen only if it is created with our clients’ teams and on the field.


Our small team of experienced consultants with varied profiles will assist you in your projects.
Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

  • Vincent Roger

    Two permanent features of my job make it ever more enjoyable : being continually challenged to go beyond limits and having total confidence in the teams’ ability to move mountains.

    They are also key in another passion of mine: supporting youngsters at rugby school.

  • Pierre Crozier

    After thirty years of experience alongside management teams, meeting new partners and working with them towards achieving common goals is now more than ever what I enjoy the most. As it has grown to become an essential part of my work, I have also found that I draw a strong sense of usefulness from providing individual support to leaders.

    My passion ? Music : jazz, Frank Zappa… and (humbly) playing the saxophone.

  • Catherine Valmorin

    For 20 years, I have been motivated by establishing connections, by listening and meeting our clients’ needs with good spirits. I work closely with the team to make sure our missions unfold smoothly.

    On the side, I am preparing a PhD in psychology and I love theatre.

  • Hervé Kauffmann

    I have been supported by Ascend Partners as a manager for over 5 years. That was until I decided to jump and join their team, with whom I deeply enjoy working every day.

    Another important project? TAE, a small company founded by ATD Quart Monde that proves every day that "no one is unemployable".

  • François Rollin

    I have been supporting Groups in transformation for 25 years, either from the inside or as an external consultant. What makes Ascend Partners so special is that every day, our team experiences the values it tries to implement in our clients’ organizations: treating others with care and respect, having high expectations, building trustful relationships, being open and flexible, working as a team, fostering creativity, having hindsight. These values are at the core of our success.

    To me, they are also a great source of energy and well-being. In many ways, they have also allowed me to remain (almost) always serene when raising my children alone… and to share with them my passion for travelling.

  • Christine Boublil

    After an international career in business, I have supported clients in their strategic, organizational and management projects for almost 20 years. Every mission is about meeting a new team with its own project: something I find to be both an opportunity and a challenge. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a team working together on a common project believing in its success.

    Something else I love? My family, my friends, hikes in nature and art in all its forms.

  • Marine Franchot

    It is my conviction that change and creativity are best reached through uncertainty. I try to bring teams to see their organization in a different way and to rethink its model and its way of functioning. If necessary, by breaking through absurd social codes and frustrations. My passion is to release long term innovations everywhere they are in the company.

    What else ? As a former professional athlete, committed to sustainable consumption and social entrepreneurship, “I have chosen to be optimist because it is healthy” (Voltaire).

  • Juliette Lassignardie

    My main drive is to work with the whole human dimension of each organization: It is an essential requirement if we want to change things for the better! Hence why I have combined business and psychology postgraduate studies before joining Ascend Partners.   

    Something else ? I enjoy clay modeling and drawing portraits once in a while…


Here are a few references that will tell you more about Ascend Partners' DNA or that we think give an interesting insight in today's issues and how to deal with them.

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